Sisi and Wilhelm II

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Museum projects

Sisi and Wilhelm II | Emperors on Corfu | National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden | 2011
The exhibition brings the little known fascination of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (Sisi, 1837-1898) and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941) for the Ancient World to life. The central theme is the Achilleion – Sisi’s beloved Greek summer palace – bought by Wilhelm after her death, in the setting of the landscape of Corfu. A selection from the archaeological collections of Sisi and Wilhelm is completed with objects from Sisi’s palaces and Wilhelm’s collection of Greek coins.

In accordance with the design brief the sunny atmosphere of Corfu is evoked by blow-ups of water-colours from Wilhelm’s collection. The contrast between Sisi’s romantic nature and Wilhelm’s martial character is sensed in separate cabinets with an AV story, supported by a computer controlled lighting system of showcases. On a central platform period costumes of Sisi’s era and memorabilia of both are displayed.
Photos: Architectenbureau Jowa