Painters of a Lost Paradise

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Museum projects

Painters of a Lost Paradise | Artists in Rijswijk 1900-1930 | Museum Rijswijk | 2012
This exhibition is the first in a series of three dedicated to the artists of Rijswijk from 1900 till today. It is staged in the new wing designed by Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau.
We were consultants for the exhibition design in collaboration with Atelier Paul de Boer.

The visitors enter the exhibition through the introductory hall, marked by the title, where they are immersed in the atmosphere of Rijswijk in the 1900-1930s by large backdrops and an individual presentation of the ten painters. In the exhibition gallery the paintings are grouped in seven themes. The wall illumination was fine-tuned to focus on the paintings. The design foresees two large benches in the centre of the room, where visitors can look into the catalogue and relax.
Photos: Architectenbureau Jowa