Reuvens’ conference room

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Reuvens’ conference room | National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden | 2011
The National Museum of Antiquities was given an annex in the previous premises of the Royal Numastic Museum at the Rapenburg. It accommodates the offices of board and staff members as well as two conference rooms on the ground floor, connected with the hall of the museum. The characteristics of the Reuvens’ Conference Room, due to its fresco on the ceiling, are reduced in a minimalist way to the core remainders of the original room.

The room en suite was completed with four showcases for the display of items from the museum’s collection. Plaster casts of reliefs of Trojan columns are mounted at the walls. The room is illuminated by dimmable uplighters, which make the room also suitable for receptions and presentations. The austere furnishing has a contemporary and rational impact, which is needed for rental purposes to third parties.
Photos: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden