Oswaldo Vigas

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Museum projects

Oswaldo Vigas | Athological 1943 – 2013 | MAC Sao Paulo | 2016
The multi-facetted World of Oswaldo Vigas is clustered in five themes. Works from different life and art periods lead a dialogue due to such a setup. The exhibition is structured within a long rectangle, following the themes in five extra square cabinets and a ‘Cinema’.

The routing is free, for the entrance is the exit, too. Diagonal walls divide the cabinet spaces into two triangles. The walls highlight the most representative pieces of the theme at the tour and give extra surprising views at the retour.
The central – third – cabinet is about the rich illustrated chronology of his private life, studio and his private collection.

Graphic design: Van Rosmalen & Schenk
Photos: Fabio Zanzeri