Dutch Archeology

Museum projects

Dutch Archeology | National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden | Competition | 2009
Chronology is the basis for the design. One literally walks ‘across’ time along the timeline printed on the floor. Every era is introduced by an iconic image like the tooth of a mammoth, which serves as the eye-catcher for the Ice Age. Through a climate lock, one also literally walks into the Ice Age. Along the route are several points of reference, each depicted with a characteristic image of the era. Along the front of the open glass showcases, the eye of the visitor is caught by the highlights, enhanced by audio-visual texts. At the back of each showcase we see a multitude of objects from the same category. At various places in the walls and floors, interactive effects are built in, like a pathway over an ‘excavation’. In the end an attractive film serves as a respite, inviting us to contemplate our origins.

Computer model: Architectenbureau Jowa