Miracles all around us

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Museum projects

Catharijneconvent Utrecht | 2020

‘Miracles of all denominations
From Rembrandt to Marina Abramovic, artists have been inspired by miracles for centuries.
Catharijnevonvent pays tribute to these religious miracles, from far and nearby.’
Review by Chris Reinewald in Museumtijdschrift.

After the introduction room, the exhibition is divided into four themes and it concludes with the universe as a ‘show out’. Various audiovisual presentations supplement the content. The themes and sub-themes are separated by cabinets in different colors. Banners with sayings and newspaper headlines about miracles complete the exhibition.

Exhibition design: Architectenbureau Jowa with Srdjan Milicevic, arch.BNA and Van Rosmalen & Schenk, graphic designers BNO.

Realisation: T & T interieurbouw
Audiovisual installations: Indyvideo

Photo’s: Mike Bink and Architectenbureau Jowa