Leidsegracht, Amsterdam

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Private homes

Leidsegracht, Amsterdam | 1999, part of long-range project 1978 – 2003
Born from the desire to adjoin two totally run-down canal houses, this is a typical example of a long-range project. The entire process of renovation and refurbishment occurred gradually from 1978 until completion in 2003.

The residents wanted a light, open house with lots of room for work and hobbies, as well as places to retreat with a book or music. We aimed for a large spatial effect without losing intimacy. Built-in closets, recessed spotlights, open staircases and light, neutral colours characterise the house. Warm materials were incorporated to assure a pleasant atmosphere. These elements constitute, so to speak, the ‘body’ which the residents can animate with their own personality.
Photos: Architectenbureau Jowa