Queens of the Nile

Museum projects

Queens of the Nile | National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden | 2016
A special show of 350 top pieces, among which royal portraits, god statues, refined jewellery, talisman, costly utensils, sarcophagus and burial gifts from the Museo Egizio in Turin.
The routing is mandatory; the design enhances the storyline. The cabinets and the immense graphic backdrops evoke the Egyptian atmosphere in which the objects are integrated, but these can also speak for themselves. There is the model of the tomb of Nefertari, a reconstruction of one of the tomb chambers and an audio-visual presentation, which explains the symbolic meaning of the tomb decorations.

Graphic design: Van Rosmalen & Schenk
Photos: Rob Overmeer, Van Rosmalen & Schenk and Jowa