Karel Appel – the Opera

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Museum projects

Karel Appel – the Opera | The Cobra Museum of Modern Art, Amstelveen | 2016
Karel Appel designed in the 90th pieces of scenery and costumes for the operas The Magic Flute and Noach, commissioned by the Dutch National Opera. These pieces are in the spotlights of the exhibition. We chose for two minimalistic and large scale theatrical stage displays, with black ballet floors and backcloth with Appels backdrops of the two opera’s. The visitors may enter the stages to see close by the scenery pieces. Between these two displays the spectators can take a seat in the ‘arena’ to enjoy the audio-video fragments of the two operas. Behind the backcloth are on show the costumes of Noach, the sculptures and the paintings of Appel. There is also on a long wall with the chronology of The National Opera and the artists and a ‘Cinema’ with the two operas.

Graphic design: Peter van den Hoogen (COUP)
Photos: Peter Tijhuis / Cobra Museum (1,3,4,5,6) & Jowa (2)