Herengracht / Beulingstraat, Amsterdam

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Private homes

Herengracht / Beulingstraat, Amsterdam | 1981
A run-down house and former office with several rooms was gradually transformed into a bright and spacious studio, exhibition space and home for an artist. The old partition walls have been largely demolished, the narrow, dark corridor has been transformed into a connecting tunnel, and the staircase in the middle of the room has been moved to the end of the room. From here it gives access to the adjoining living area passing through a small garret.

The sloping walls with a series of skylights provide plenty of free play to the daylight and the ‘up lighters’ on the pillars enhance the sensation of height. It provides a quiet, bright setting for a very personal interior.
Photos: 1, 2 – Monique Degenaar, 3 – Koos Baay