From the Guggenheim Collection to The Cobra Museum

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From the Guggenheim Collection to The Cobra Museum | Cobra Museum for Modern Art, Amstelveen | 2014
The exhibition highlights the 1950s, a decade of radical artistic developments. Sweeney was the director of the Guggenheim Museum between 1952 and 1960. During this period the museum moved to the famous Frank Lloyd Wright building on the 5th Avenue. There are 51 classic abstract pieces from the Solomon R. Guggenheim collection on show.

The design of the exhibition was inspired by the ‘bays’ of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. These ‘bays’ give the oportunity to the visitors to look islolated at the collection. The platforms create distance to the works of art and serve also as text wearers. The four ‘bench islands’ with high backs give sufficient resting spots in the exhibition.

The graphic design is by Lesley Moore.
Photos: Luuk Geertsen