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Museum projects

Carthage | National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden | 2014
In this major exhibition on Carthage, the capital of the Carthaginian Empire, the visitor will discover the archaeological richness and famous history of this port city of antiquity. More than three hundred pieces are on display, among which many top collections of museums in Tunis, the Louvre and the British Museum.

The themes of Punic- and Roman Carthage are divided over two floors. The circular podiums and roofing are inspired by the ancient architecture. Blue painted walls and blue carpeting, light plywood, semi-transparent synthetic panels and sophisticated lighting create a Mediterranean atmosphere. Info-graphics and a large multimedia installation put the two cultures in context.

In collaboration with Van Rosmalen & Schenk, graphic designers and Studio Louter multimedia team.
Photos: Mike Bink and RMO