Visitors Centre

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Visitors Centre | The Peace Palace, The Hague | 2012
Outside the gates of the Peace Palace every day hundreds of tourists take a picture of the impressive fa├žade. From now on it is possible to get acquainted with the compelling history of the Peace Palace and its current significance on the world’s stage.

The state-of-the-art building with striking titanium roof is designed by British architect Michael Wilford; the interior, lighting and the exhibition by Architectenbureau Jowa in cooperation with Bureau d’Arts and van Rosmalen & Schenk.

The LED panels of the exhibition wall make the images and the objects radiate despite the amount of daylight incidence. The materials and colours of the interior are sober to call the public’s attention to the storyline, the objects, the models and the audiovisuals.
Photos: van Rosmalen & Schenk