Africa South of the Sahara

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Museum projects

Africa South of the Sahara | Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam | 2006, part of long-range project 1994-2010
The assignment was to design this department in such a manner that five themes could be distinguished from one another through form, colour, height and appearance. The design had to be transparent, fresh and innovative, but not too fashionable as it houses part of the permanent collection and thus has to last several years.

We have purposely chosen unexpected combinations: textile with a clay structure in soft tones on a ‘catwalk’ of ribbed steel and glossy car paint, metal utensils that show their beautiful silhouettes on semi-transparent Perspex, and bold colours from cyclamen red to midnight blue which allow objects to stand out or just create a mysterious atmosphere. The masks come to life through the projection of the ‘masked dancers’ on the showcase panes, and it is even possible to make a virtual visit to the hairdresser.

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Photos: Alexander van Berge